G|B is not a beauty pageant – G|B is beauty forever

There is a classic scenario for a usual beauty pageant – a beauty queen is selected for a certain year and she crowns her successor the year after. On the other hand, women who make it into G|B stay in the gallery forever.

Although we appreciate all the other beauty pageants celebrating a woman’s beauty, our concept has been developed to discover and register the beauty of modern women once and for all. Therefore you don’t have to worry about being replaced or called “the former winner of a beauty pageant”. Once revealed, you will always be a part of Gallery of Beauties and your place is safe.

Our aim is to create a unique online photo gallery that is mapping a beauty and lifestyle of modern women of the 21st century. We are not only looking for attractive women but also for a uniqueness. To make sure that G|B is different than any other beauty pageant, we want the winning selection of beauties to be interesting and wonderful as well as beautiful. Only then the first official Gallery of Beauties will be representing the most beautiful women of the century.